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Placement Services

Are you a looking for a reliable and resourceful person to fill an important role in your business, but donít want to spend thousands of dollars on training?

The Senior Community Service Employment Program at Elder Services of Cape Cod and the Islands can help fill your position from our pool of job-ready candidates. Our candidates are age 55 and older and are looking for year-round positions with employers who will value their experience and loyalty. Our program staff has in depth knowledge of each individualís aptitudes, skills and abilities. They will be happy to work with you to identify and refer candidates well qualified for openings at your business.

Also, for those businesses that are interested, we are able to pay all or a portion of the cost of on-the-job training for employees selected from our pool of dedicated and experienced candidates through our On the Job Experience (OJE) Option.

All our candidates have recent work experience and a track record of success at local non-profits and government agencies. Their skills are fresh and up-to-date. All they lack is familiarity with your companyís unique way of doing things.

Once you select the employee you would like to work with, our program director will negotiate a training contract to fund on-the-job exposure and training so that you can shape their skills to suit your companyís needs.

As we all know, the best employees are those who not only have the skills to make it in the workforce, but also know how to apply their skills to help a specific organization thrive. What better way to ensure that your new employee knows the ins and outs of your business than to train them yourself?

ESCCIís OJE Option is the answer youíve been looking for to fulfill your employment needs. Donít miss out on this rare opportunity. Contact Laura Roskos at 508-394-4630 today.