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Protective Services

What is Elder Abuse?

Massachusetts law (M.G.L. Chapter 19A) defines elder abuse as an act or omission which results in a serious physical or emotional injury to an elderly person; or is the failure, inability or resistance of an elderly person to provide for himself or herself one or more of the necessities essential for physical and emotional well-being without which the elderly person would be unable to safely remain in the community. 

How do I report Elder Abuse?

To report Elder Abuse call 1-800-922-2275 (Operating 7 days a week 24 hours a day.)

 [Click here to Report Elder Abuse Online]

Who is protected?

Anyone sixty years of age or older living in the community who has suffered harm from a family member, friend, neighbor, or caretaker is protected under the law.  The law also protects elders who are self-neglecting. 

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