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Volunteer Opportunities

 There are multiple ways that you can give of your time and talents to help our consumers.  Opportunities include driving for Meals on Wheels or working at one of our Senior Dining Centers, assisting with Money Management, advocating for residents in nursing or rest homes, and providing office support.  In addition our Senior Corp RSVP places volunteers age fifty-five and older with other Cape and Island organizations which address a serious community need. Senior Corps opportunities include tutoring and mentoring students in math and literacy skills through our Three Rís Program, providing protection, monitoring, and education for our fragile environment through our Senior Environment Corps, or helping our community in a variety or ways by volunteering with one of our 90 Service Partner agencies throughout the Cape and Islands.

How do I become a volunteer?

Contact our Volunteer Resource Center or the Senior Corps RSVP office by calling 800-244-4630. A program manager will meet with you to discuss your particular interests and help you make a match with a program.  You will need to complete an application and provide information for the completion of a criminal background check. Massachusetts law requires this check of all employees and volunteers who will be working with vulnerable populations.  Once that process is completed, the program manager will be notified so you can begin your orientation and training for your new volunteer position. 

What else do I need to know about volunteering?

Potential volunteers are sometimes concerned about the time commitment.  Different programs have different requirements.  In your initial interview, ask about the average time per week/month that would be expected.  Let the program manager know if you usually go out of town for a period of time.  Generally, volunteers spend a few hours each week on their assignment.  Many volunteers want to contribute more!

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